regarding COVID-19 re-opening

When will the salon be re-opening?


Monday, June 1st 2020.


Can I bring someone with me to my appointment when you re-open?


Unfortunately, we will not be allowing more than one person in the salon per appointment unless the appointment is for a child. We will only have one chair in our waiting area.


do I have to wear a mask?


Due to the close contact nature of our business, a mask is required. Remember to wear a mask that goes around your ears and not your head so we will be able to work on your hair. Disposable Masks are available for $2. If you are getting a color service, we will most likely get color on your mask. 


will your staff be wearing masks?


Yes, all employees will be wearing masks and their temperatures will be checked upon entering the salon daily.



Will you be taking walk-ins?


Unfortunately we will not be able to take walk-ins. We will be operating by appointment only due to COVID-19 regulations.


While it is impossible to social distance from our client, all styling chairs are 6 ft apart. There will be a barrier in between the shampoo sinks and seated dryers. There will be a clear barrier at the front desk as well. We will have one seat in our waiting area which is also 6 feet from any other chairs in the salon.